Are you insured?

Home from Home is fully insured with Pet Business Insurance.  The vehicle that we use to transport our clients is covered by a Fully Comprehensive Policy.

What certificates do you have?

We have a Perth and Kinross Council Home Boarding Licence, A Canine First Aid Certificate, Disclosure Certificate and are members of The Professional Dog Walkers Association. We are also fully insured with the Pet Business Insurance Company.

How many dogs are walked at one time?

As we are now based at our dog exercise park, Let The Dogs Run, we are able to vary the sizes of our dog walking groups. Ultimately we aim to have groups of dogs that are compatible. This may take a few times to get correct but our ultimate aim is to have happy dogs that grow in confidence and have fun when they are out  with us!  

Pack walks at Let The Dogs Run 

We are very fortunate to have our own deer fenced area at Let The Dogs Run. This enables us to have groups of dogs. All groups are carefully picked so that all dogs have a positive experience! 

Home Boarding

We are allowed a maximum of 3 dogs to stay with us from one family.

Will we meet before you walk my dog?

Absolutely! Firstly we will come to you and meet you and your dog/pets. This is a free face to face meeting and a simple registration process, before any formal walks/ services are undertaken. You can ask us any questions and we can get to know how you like your dog/pets looked after. We’ll ask you to fill in a simple form about your dog or pets and then we’re good to go!

Where do you walk?

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by 450 acres of arable farmland and woods which my husband works on. We have been given permission to walk where we like. Our walks are mainly based at our dog exercise park, Let The Dogs Run, where the dogs can run free safe in the knowledge that no harm can come to them.

What do you do in an emergency?

If an emergency happens, we will immediately call you and notify you if the situation allows. At our first meeting we fill in emergency contact details. If veterinary help is required, we will take your dog/pets to your vet or the nearest vet if the situation requires immediate assistance. We have a Canine First Aid Certificate (2019) and carry a First Aid Bag.

What do I do if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel, we would ask that you please give us at least 72 hours notice. Please refer to our cancellation policy in our Terms of Service.

What happens if my dog doesn’t get on with the other dogs?

If your dog is unhappy while in our care and we have tried various options, we will advise you. We will always update you if your dog is unhappy. We will work with you to come up with a plan to care for your dog.

My dog can be aggressive with other dogs and people, can you still walk my dog?

We will assess your dog, if they seem aggressive towards us, other dogs or the public, then we’re afraid it would be unfair for us to walk your dog.

We’re thinking of getting a puppy. Can you help as we work all day?

We offer a Dog/Pet Drop In service. We will pop in and visit your puppy. Our visit will include letting them out, playing, cuddles, socialising, feeding, watering and cleaning up any mess. We can also do some basic training and when they’re old enough they can come out on some of our walks. We can offer a ½ hour or 1 hour visit at multiple times during the day if required.

Can you give my dog/pets medication?

Yes, if you leave written instructions we will follow them.

What do you do in bad weather?

We all get wet! We always hose our dogs down after a walk if they get muddy. Your dogs will be cared for like they are ours! Please leave out plenty of dog towels so we can clean and dry off your dogs after our walk. We will dry them off as much as possible so your house doesn’t get filthy! If we are walking from your house, could you please leave dog towels and a hose so I can clean your dog. Please note we are not offering a washing service just a quick clean!

I don’t need my dog walked regularly. Can you help?

We’re happy to help everyone. We will meet you and your dog/pets, we will fill in all the relevant forms.
Once that’s done you can just contact us as and when you need our help.

Can my dog run free on your walks?

All our dogs are exercised at our dog exercise park, Let The Dogs Run. We have 3 deer fenced areas varying in size and character. For further information please go to www.letthedogsrun.uk

How many dogs are you allowed to stay at your house?

We are allowed to have a maximum of 3 dogs from the same family stay with us.

What vaccinations does my dog require in order to be walked/ boarded with you?

All dogs who home board or walk with us need to be up to date with their annual booster and kennel cough vaccinations. If kennel cough vaccination has not already been administered it should be given at the time of booking is accepted by Home From Home. Kennel cough takes 2 to 3 weeks to take effect prior to walking/ boarding with us. Dogs must also be up to date with vet quality wormer, tick and flea treatments. Evidence of Vaccinations are required on registration, paper copies are required no originals thank you! We can copy them for you if you don’t have access to a photocopier.

My dog might or could be in season when I need you to look after her. Can you have her?

No, we’re sorry! Basil our Working Cocker is still a whole boy. We can offer a dog/pet sitting service instead of Home Boarding if that helps. Please look at my services page to see what we can offer.

Where will my dog sleep at night?

All our visiting dogs sleep in our kitchen/ dining room or utility room area of our home. All home boarding dogs must be crate trained as this is the safest option for them to be left unattended overnight. Dogs will sleep in their own clean beds  provided by their owner, dog crates are provided by ourselves. Dogs DO NOT sleep in our beds or bedrooms. Please start this routine several weeks prior to coming to stay with us, so we can all have a good night’s sleep!

Can my dogs bring their own food, treats, toys as well as their bed?

Yes, your dog is welcome to bring whatever will make it feel at ease but keep in mind just like children, the other dogs will want to share! Some may get damaged so please don’t send any sentimental toys. Please DO NOT send any slippers, clothing or life size toys. Please provide enough dog food for your dogs stay, a clean bed with a used blanket or t shirt that smells of home. Also please provide their favorite dog treats, grooming kit including dog shampoo, ear drops, poo bags, etc. All walking equipment.

Can I get an update on how my dog is doing whilst I’m away?

Yes, We will text you daily updates and pictures on What’s App.

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