Dog Walking

We offer ½ hour and 1 hour walks in Auchterarder and the surrounding area. We can walk your dog individually or in a group. There will never be any more than 4 dogs at a time. We can offer lead led walks or free running in our private ½ acre secure woodland. 

½ hour walks  – Your dog will be walked from your home. They will be walked for ½ an hour then returned home, cleaned and towel-dried, given fresh water and fed, if required. 

1 hour walks – Your dog can either be walked from your home or brought back to our home. Taken on a ½ hour lead led walk on one of our grassy paths. Then brought to our securely fenced woodland for some fun and free running. They will be away from home for an hour then returned cleaned, towel dried, given fresh water and fed, if required. Your dog can then have a lovely snooze until you return home.

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Dog / Pet Transport

We can take you and your pet to the vet or any other appointments. We will pick you and/or your pet up and take you to your appointment. If you are at work, we can collect your pet, let them out for a toilet break then take them for their appointment. We will stay with them and return them home. On return we will let them out, fill up their water, feed if necessary and leave them settled waiting on your return.

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Dog/Pet Drop In

If you have a puppy, a young dog, an elderly dog or a pet that needs letting out or attention while your at work we can help! We will come to your house for ½ an hour, let them out, feed them, have a cuddle and a play. We will give them fresh water, feed them, clean up any accidents and check that they are OK! We can also do some basic training with young dogs if you require.

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Walk and Talk

If you would like some company while walking your dog we can help! We have very friendly dogs who love to meet new dogs. We can meet you and go for a walk, with or without my dogs. If due to some other reasons you are unable to walk your dog yourself but would love to go for a walk. We can walk your dog with you.

Group Walks and Talks

Organised walks around Auchterarder and the surrounding area with other people and their dogs. Walks lasting 1 or 2 hours, meeting at an agreed location, tea/coffee and a cake after the walk. All walks will be lead only walks.

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Dog/ Pet sitting

If your dog prefers to stay at home, we can help. We will visit 4 times a day between  7 am and 9 pm. We will take them for 2 x 1 hour walks. We will pop in for 2 x ½ hour visits to check them and let them out in your garden for a toilet break and a play.

In line with your instructions each visit will include feeding, watering, playing, exercise, clean up and huge cuddles! This is something only currently available to the Auchterarder area.  However please contact me for other areas as extra additional fees will apply.

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Dog Adventure Days/ Doggie Day Care

We can look after your dog during the day in our house while you are away. Whether its because your at work, a day out, attending a celebration or going to an appointment. We can pick them up or you can drop them off. They will stay with us all day. We will go for 2 x 1 hour walks. Our walks will include lots of time playing in our secure woodland, lots of time for free running, playing and sniffing in the undergrowth. We will drop your dog off at an agreed time or have them ready for you to collect. We can also feed your dog if that helps you too!

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